Feel Connected Creatively

While we can’t come together in person at the moment, art can help us stay feeling connected, creative and calm.

So while our doors at pitchblue are closed we’d love you to take part one or more of our online courses & projects.

We are pleased to announce our new online courses …

Paper Play Day – zoom workshop

Saturday 15th August 10:00 – 12:30
£40 – includes zoom workshop, tutor support and materials 

Explore and experiment with colour and techniques to create a unique range of decorative papers. 

Use the resulting papers as a starting point for a painting or a design, or use in collage work. 

We will show you techniques you can explore and develop to create your own finished pieces of work. 

You will discover many possibilities and start to combine ideas and so develop your own, individual style.

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Make your own sketchbook

Where, you’ll be taken – step by step – through how to create
and fill your own beautiful and unique sketchbook.
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Our free online projects are all still available below.

There’s no deadline on any of them. Just pick one!

Online Project 4 – Transform paper

Alter the surface … manipulate it … engineer it!

Some words to get you started …

Tear, cut, slash, fold, scrunch, weave,
punch, pierce, sand, roll, weave, burn, layer.

Use any paper you have, plain, printed, textured.
Paint your paper, before  … or after!

Create different styles of image,
realistic, abstract, geometric, sculptural!

email your paper creations to pitchblue@outlook.com

We’ll be sharing them all in our virtual gallery

Make yourself a viewfinder

Online Project 3 – Zoom

Pause …  give yourself a little time to look around at unexpected sources.

Spectacular colour or a suprising image will emerge.

Whether you are in the garden, sorting out a cupboard or on a tea break, take time to organise your observations.


Using an A4 piece of paper, make your own viewfinder.

Zoom in to your subject … (as with a close up lens).

Using media of your choice enlarge your ‘zoom’ image to A4 and …

email your ‘zoomed’ artwork to pitchblue@outlook.com

We’ll be sharing them all in our virtual gallery

Online Project 2 – Egg or Stone painting.

Get creative and decorate eggs or stones to your heart’s content.

Decorate an egg or stone and photograph them on display!

Get the little ones to have a go!


email your decorated eggs/stones to pitchblue@outlook.com

We’ll be sharing all your eggs in our virtual gallery

Online Project 1 – Postcard Project

Paint, draw, collage, print and maybe even sew into a postcard!

Create a postcard of something that makes you happy, a pet, spring flowers, pair of shoes, piece of cake …


email your postcards to pitchblue@outlook.com

View all the postcards in our virtual gallery

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