Workshops – In a Box

There are two sizes depending on the kit, one will fit through a letterbox and the other is a bit bigger – parcel size.

Buy one to keep yourself busy or buy as gifts – or just to send to someone to say you are thinking of them!

Each kit contains all you need to produce finished items, including a fully illustrated step by step worksheet. 

We include our contacts so that you may phone us or get in touch for any practical help. 

Let’s make this year a time for crafting!

Printing Kits

Create your own beautiful designs with this range of printing kits. Including absolutely everything you need to guide you through designing and printing of your own products. Great gifts for Christmas!


 £24 Printing kit – Tea Towel + £3.00 p&p


 £24 Printing kit – Cushion Cover + £3.00 p&p


 £20 Printing kit – Cosmetic Bag + £3.00 p&p


 £24 Printing kit – Tea Towel + £3.00 p&p

Stencilling Kits

Create your own beautiful designs with this range of Stencilling kits. Including absolutely everything you need to guide you through designing and stencilling of your own products. Great gifts for Christmas!


 £22 Stencilling kit – Tea Towel + £3.00 p&p


 £22 Stencilling kit – Cushion Cover + £3.00 p&p


 £22 Stencilling – Tote Bag + £3.00 p&p

Beaded Felt Decorations

Beaded felt decorations: create your own  decorations to hang from your tree. This kit contains all you need to make three different decorations and includes felt, wadding, threads, needles, beads and sequins plus ribbons to hang with.


 £12 Beaded Felt Decorations + £2.50 p&p


Twig Christmas Tree

Twig Christmas tree: use scraps of fabric and ribbons to make lots of small twig trees to hang from your tree. Each kit comes complete with twigs, a selection of fabrics and ribbons, decorative stars and hanging threads


 £10 Twig Christmas Tree + £2.50 p&p

Pine Cone Wreath

Pine cone wreath: Christmas wreaths aren’t just for the front door. Natural, homemade wreaths are a great way to make your home feel festive, cut down on plastic and bring and bring the outdoors in! All the items required to make a beautiful natural wreath!


 £12 Pine Cone Wreath + £5 p&p

Needle Felted Christmas Tree

Needle felted Christmas tree: use needle felting to make at least two small Christmas trees which you can then adorn with some beads and sequins – also included in the kit – to hang on your tree

 £12 Needle Felted Christmas Tree + £2.50 p&p

Scandi Felt Decorations

Scandi felt decorations: Are you looking to add to your Christmas decorations this year with something homemade? This kit has felt, stuffing, threads and hanging ribbons to make at least three beautiful scandi style tree decorations using Scandinavian embroidery for inspiration.


 £12 Scandi Felt Decorations + £2.50 p&p

Reindeer Decorations

Make your own herd of cute little reindeer than can hang from your tree or adorn the Christmas table.
A great craft to do with your own little herd! All you need is included in the box.


 £6 Reindeer Decorations + £2.50 p&p

Stencil Kit
Collage Kit
Draw and Paint Kit

Children’s Art Kits

‘Every Child is an Artist. The problem is how to remain an Artist once they grow up’ Pablo Picasso

Choose from one of our three art kits for children, all include everything your little artist need to start creating.

Perfect presents from Father Christmas!


 £10 Children’s Stencil + £2.50 p&p


 £10 Children’s Collage + £2.50 p&p


 £10 Children’s Draw and Paint + £2.50 p&p

Wild Rose

Appliqué Kits

Appliqué kits with linen, silk, cotton fabrics to include Indian sari fabric and vintage fabric. Five beautiful designs to choose from. Everything you require is included in the price, plus easy to follow illustrated instructions – all apart from scissors!  For beginners and more advanced – perfect Christmas presents!


 £25 Appliqué Kit – Lily + £2.50 p&p


 £25 Appliqué Kit – Wild Rose + £2.50 p&p


 £25 Appliqué Kit – Poppy + £2.50 p&p


 £25 Appliqué Kit – Daffodil + £2.50 p&p


 £25 Appliqué Kit – Geometric + £2.50 p&p

Gel Printmaking 

Gel Print kit: learn how to make your own gelatine plate. Gel printing is quick, exciting and seriously addictive! You will produce some fabulous textures and patterns in prints, printed onto a variety of interesting papers. All materials included to make your own plate including a roller, a few mark making tools, paints and plenty of paper

 £20 Gel Printmaking Kit + £5 p&p