Saturday Studio 2023 @pitchblue

Saturday Studio @pitchblue …  Book now for 2023 below!

Whether you are new to art and design, or have been experimenting with visual language for a while, this course will help you to create unique and beautiful work, and enhance your creativity. 

Drawing on themes from a variety of creative disciplines, the sessions will guide you through a multi-sensory approach to art, craft, design and making, while building confidence in your visual style.

Who should take this course?

The course is perfect for anyone who has an interest in art, craft and design, students who are looking to bolster a portfolio, or anyone who wants to learn and develop new art and design skills.


Course Outcomes

  • Develop an enhanced understanding of art, craft and design
  • Gain confidence in a range of fundamental drawing techniques
  • You will improve and develop your own style
  • Learn how to source inspiration from your surroundings 
  • Experiment with typeface and learn how to integrate text into your designs
  • Use your designs to communicate emotions

Course Includes

  • Studio workshops
  • Live online sessions
  • Access to VLE with course content
  • Forums for support



Saturday Studio @pitchblue …

January 18 Wednesday zoom
January 28 Saturday zoom
February 11 Saturday Studio session
March 1 Wednesday zoom
March 17 Friday, 18 Saturday, 19 Sunday – 3 day studio workshop
April 8 Saturday zoom
April 19 Wednesday zoom
May 13 Saturday Studio session
May 24 Wednesday zoom
June 10 Saturday Studio session
June 21 Wednesday zoom
July 7 Friday, 8 Saturday, 9 Sunday 3 day studio workshop 
July 19 Wednesday zoom
August – Holidays!
September 16 Saturday zoom
September 20 Wednesday zoom
October 7 Saturday Studio session
October 18 Wednesday zoom
November 11 Saturday zoom
November 22 Wednesday zoom
December 9 Saturday Studio session
January 24 – final exhibition!

Course Costs

The Course lasts for 12 months.
Payment can be made in full – offering a large discount! – or by installments every 3 months.

Studio Course – 12 months £500

  • 5 studio workshops
  • 15 live online zoom sessions
  • 2, 3 day studio workshops
  • materials and equipment (unless very specialised)

 £500 Saturday Studio @pitchblue for 12 months

Studio Course – 3 months £150

 £150 Saturday Studio @pitchblue for 3 months

Online Studio Course – 12 months £250

  • Online access to all the years live sessions of ‘Saturday Studios’
  • 6 online tutorials
  • £250 per year

 £250 Saturday Studio online @pitchblue 12 months

Online Studio Course – 3 months £75

 £75 Saturday Studio online @pitchblue 3 months